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Project Description
This project is maintained on a "spare time" model.
If you have questions place them in the discussions tab.
If you have a production site running on System.Data.Entity.Repository and have found a critical bug, contact us directly for free of charge support and hotfixes.
Entity framework code first framework wrapper with support for generic repository pattern, N-Tier application and Transaction Management for rapid development.

The key features are:
  • Generic repository pattern with support for detached entities (N-Tier)
  • Fully implemented Transaction Management with rollback on failure for action methods like add, update and delete
  • Support for updating selected fields of an entity instead of completely loading an entity first, updating a value in code and send the whole entity back to database.
  • Support for single transaction per action method or wrapping multiple action methods in one transaction
  • Extended methods like AddMultiple, UpdateMultiple and DeleteMultiple for rapid development
  • Exception Handling (configurable)
  • Rethrow exceptions from base class or swallow exceptions and raise event to handle (log) base class exceptions and return bool from base class action methods
  • Subscribe to rollback event to make appropiate decision what to do within your app instead of subscribing to the Error event (not supported yet)
  • Extended code first integration tests based on Northwind sample database
  • Async query support, avoiding any blocking of worker threads (not supported yet)

All documentation can be found under the documentation section. The following documentation is available:
Questions / Feature Requests / Bugs
If you have input for the repository pattern or have questions please fill in the issue/feature request or add a discussion. We appreciate your input and will take your input into consideration for a future release.

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